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ABOUT DAYLIGHT TIME provides you with the most accurate and updated weather, astronomical and video information from around the world. You can search trough listings of the exact time of sunrise, sunset or the length of daylight and visible light for a particular location anywhere in the world. In addition to this you can also view the current weather data from various meteorological stations (eg. temperature, wind, pressure, humidity), watch live feeds from weather webcams or generate a seven-day weather forecast. is a unique source that comprises all this information in one place for thousands of worldwide locations.
The following links might be useful if you're searching for additional information. The conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit. What is daylight saving time and where is it used. List of world time zones, their abbreviations, time offsets and corresponding cities. Day length changing by months and latitude, polar circle with polar night.
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UTC: 7:48 PM
GMT: 7:48 PM
Timezone: America/New_York
(EDT, GMT-4)
Daylight saving time: YES(+1)
Local time and date: 3:48 PM Mar 24, 2017
Sunrise: 7:04 AM
Sunset: 7:28 PM
Length of sunlight: 12h and 23m
Tomorrow will be: 2m and 33s longer
Visible light from: 6:06 AM
Visible light to: 8:26 PM
Length of v. light: 14h and 19m
Tomorrow will be: 2m and 43s longer
- daylight saving time ends by Nov 5, 2017 2:00 AM and time will shift back to 1:00 AM -


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